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Upwork's Fee: A Freelancer's Comprehensive Guide for 2024

podcast upwork freelancing upwork profile Jan 01, 2024





Welcome back to the Talking Freelance Podcast! In this week's episode, Leah delves into the intricacies of Upwork fees as of the beginning of 2024. It's crucial to note that the information provided is accurate as of the recording date.

Leah begins by addressing the service fees imposed by Upwork. In 2023, they streamlined the process, setting a flat 10% service fee for all contracts, including hourly, fixed rate, and project catalogs. While this adjustment might be frustrating for long-time users accustomed to lower fees, Leah emphasizes the simplicity and progression it brings to the platform.

Direct contracts, involving clients not on Upwork or referrals, incur a 3.4% processing fee, covering credit card processing. Leah highlights the value of staying within the platform despite the fees, emphasizing the convenience it offers.

Leah sheds light on the Freelance Plus membership, a subscription she has found beneficial since 2018. For $14.99 a month, she gains visibility, 80 connects, a customized URL, and various coaching opportunities. Unused connects roll over, providing flexibility for those not consistently applying for jobs.

Connects, Upwork's transaction fee, are explained in detail. Leah clarifies their varying amounts, emphasizing their role as a cost of doing business. She touches on when connects are necessary and mentions the Connects expiration policy.

The podcast also covers the Upwork conversion fee, a one-time payment required to take an active contract off the platform. Leah shares her preference for keeping contracts on Upwork for the ease of using the time tracker.

Throughout the episode, Leah provides valuable insights, offering links to articles for further understanding. Whether it's the Freelance Service Fees Explained, the Upwork Fee Calculator, or insights into Freelance Plus, the show notes serve as a comprehensive resource.

Leah emphasizes her willingness to pay the fees for the benefits Upwork provides. She encourages listeners to view these expenses as part of the cost of doing business, offering a helpful recap of the three primary fees freelancers encounter on Upwork.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of Upwork fees, Leah's insights serve as a valuable guide, providing clarity and practical tips for navigating the platform successfully.

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