Do you start each day without direction?

Do your family and friends often take the back seat to your work?

Do you feel stuck with little motivation?

Take charge of your freelance journey using my Checklist for Success!

By adding these 8 simple tips into your everyday routine, you will soon be in charge of your work and well on your way to freelance success!

Since her first paid job at 16, Leah Meyers knew entrepreneurship would be her lifelong calling. For over 15 years, Leah has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, and small business owners, empowering them to succeed through collaboration. Leah’s been a top-rated freelancer on Upwork since 2018. She has consistently earned a six-figure income on Upwork each year since. 

Leah knows that the magic that leads to freedom when we don't try to go it alone, but when we lean into others and ask others to share their knowledge and wisdom with us.

Leah demonstrates that those who desire transformation can be successful at anything no matter what. She has the hard-won experience to share her life-changing achievements with anyone who wants to improve their lives.


In my brand new book, I give you tips proven to lead you down a path of success no matter where you are in your business. With supplemental material for deeper exploration, you’re sure to change the way you see your work. Leave behind the rat race and claim the life you LOVE.


Life as a freelancer comes with plenty of challenges, but I’m here to help you succeed with ease! Whether you need help knowing where you start or you’ve been at it for years and need some polishing, I’m happy to lend a hand.


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"Leah is a true expert at what she does. She guided us through the process, offered expert advice, and thought of so many things that made our product better. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

– Sarah Duran, Fruition Initiatives

"Working with Leah is a pleasure. She is professional, detailed, and very efficient with her work. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend her. She is great at what she does."

– Michaela Logue, Nutrition Coach

"When I approached Leah about work, I thought I needed one thing. After one conversation, it was clear that Leah was my go-to expert. I really needed a strategist to help me map out the foundation for the next level of my business growth. She exceeded my expectations. I am used to being this for others. It was refreshing to meet Leah and have someone help me strategize my own business so that I could help MORE people and not sacrifice my own growth in the process!"

– Tasha Scott, Maximized Growth

Leah is not an employee of Kajabi or Upwork. Leah is passionate about promoting resources that have led her to success.