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🤨 You don’t need a long-term coach

🤓 You’re not looking for a mastermind

🤦‍♀️ You don’t want a course or a class or a done-for-you resource


You just need some feedback on:

  • Your Title You want a fresh set of eyes to tell you how to make your title stand out from the competition.

  • Your Description You’d love an honest opinion of your description to make sure it is long enough to get your skills across but not too long so people don't read it.

  • Portfolio You need a range of projects to display in your portfolio that accurately represents your skills.

  • Project Catalog Maybe you need some ideas or just need your options reviewed- this is included! 

  • Your Employment History You’re hoping for someone with a dash of experience to take a look at your employment history and ensure you’ve managed to squeeze clarity out of all your experience in the workplace and as a freelancer.

  • Other Experiences This needs to POP. This is where you stand out so you are relevant to your ideal client.
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Why would this be so important for me? 


Well, simple! Having a second set of eyes on your profile does two things;

1- It gives you confidence your message is being conveyed to the right clients.

2- You will get recommended enhancements to ensure you're seen in the best way possible.

You may be asking yourself, why Leah?
Well, in my first year freelancing on Upwork I made 6-Figures and achieved Top Rated Plus status. I currently juggle hiring for my business venture as well as taking on clients through the platform. I'm well versed in both sides of Upwork so I can give you the inside scoop on what employers are looking for, what makes profiles stand out, and what helps me to consistently book jobs. If that's not enough... here are some testimonials from my previous clients:

“After I had Leah take a look at my profile it gave me the confidence to know I was on the right track, my message was being conveyed in my profile so I know I am attracting the right clients.”

– Sam, Project Manager

“After Leah reviewed my profile and I implemented her enhancement strategies I went from being seen to being interviewed which gave me the confidence I needed to get hired.”

– Sara, Virtual Assistant

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