Upwork Profile Success Mini-Course

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So you’re on Upwork. And it seems like everyone else is, too. 

How do you get noticed?

How do you attract the right clients?

And how do you get the jobs you need to create the laptop lifestyle you want?


First step: Set up a 100% irresistible, can’t-say-no, hire-them-NOW Upwork profile. 

When you sign up for the Profile Success Mini-Course,
you’ll get instant access to the blueprint you need to go from Upwork Newb to Profile Pro. 

YES, Show me how to build a powerful profile!

Here’s what’s included in the Profile Success Mini-Course:


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This is your set-you-up-for-success-from-the-start welcome. You’ll get:

  • The Profile Preparation Checklist so there’s zero pause in getting set up
  • The Profile Setup Tutorial so you can follow along in real time (seriously - you’ll see the exact boxes to fill out and which buttons to click)
  • Tips on the perfect photo to reel ‘em in and why your rates should always be visible
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Lesson 1 How To Use Keywords To Attract The Right Clients

It’s not just filling it out, it’s using the perfect words to pull in those high-quality clients. And this lesson has got you covered with tips to:

  • Grab their attention right in the headline so you stand out
  • Use the keywords that make you their #1 search result
  • Let them know exactly how you can help so there’s no question you’re the ONE
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Lesson 2 Give Just Enough

You want your profile to grab ‘em and never let go from the very first line. This lesson will show you how to:

  • Use the perfect words so you sound relatable (and not stuffy)
  • Assure them they’ve found the right person
  • Build the Know, Like, Trust factor from the start
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Lesson 3 Your Video Is Your Time To Shine

 Adding video is a savvy way to move yourself to the front of the hiring line. In Lesson 3, we’ll cover:

  • What’s included in a great script (and how long is too long)
  • How to set up a smooth-looking video shoot
  • How to film it easily without needing to buy a new camera or fancy equipment
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Lesson 4 Showcase Who You Really Are 

Your portfolio is where you show ‘em what you bring to the table. In this lesson, you’ll uncover:

  • How to keep past clients confidential and still show off your work
  • The keywords you need to use to show off how great it is to work with you
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Lesson 5 Go In-Depth On Your Skillset 

This is where you show off the skills that make you unique. In this lesson, we’ll walk through:

  • Where to put your must-see skills when they don’t fit anywhere else
  • How to save yourself time with clients that aren’t the right fit
  • What you can do to ensure the initial consultation goes smoothly
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Lesson 6 Why Social Proof Matters (And How To Get It)

Knowing that other people think you’re fab makes all the new ones want you! This is how you make it happen. In this lesson, you’ll discover:

  • The absolute best way to show off testimonials so the spotlight stays on you
  • The ethical way to ask for a testimonial so they say exactly what you need them to
  • What to do if you can’t get a testimonial (or just don’t have one yet)
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Lesson 7 Why You Shouldn’t Use Resume Format

Your goal is to attract high-quality clients - who cares what format your profile is in?! In this lesson, you’ll get the tricks you need to look like a polished pro, including:

  • What to include (and what not to!) to make you irresistible
  • What to add to attract those BFF-level clients you love to work with
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Lesson 8 Ready, Set, Go To Work! 

Your profile is THIS close to being done - just a few last things to think about. Like:

  • Why updating your profile saves you time (and needless emails)
  • How often you should review your profile and a pro-tip so you don’t forget
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Job Review Checklist & Claim Your Profile Review

Before you hit “submit” on your first proposal, you want a fairy godmother to gently remind you of some important tips and even personally review your profile. Wish granted!

In this bonus, you’ll get the expert tricks to:

  • Make sure you work with clients that will pay you! (Ummm...yes, please!)
  • How to prevent communication lags and late nights
  • How to find out what other freelancers are charging…
  • Grab a customized review of your profile!

You want to use the power of Upwork to get seen, get clients, and get work. It all starts with a powerful profile. 

Let the Profile Success Mini-Course walk you through every step - 

From show-you-how videos to tips the pros use to attract only the highest quality clients. 

Sign up now and get ready for a flood of high-quality clients while living that laptop lifestyle!

Show me how to build a powerful profile!
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Meet Leah

I’m Leah Meyers. 

I used to have a job that wilted my soul. And one day, I realized I had to do something different. I wanted to be my own boss. So I started freelancing. 

Just like you’re doing now. Except I made a lot of mistakes (so, so many). BUT! I figured it out. 

In fact, I’ve made more than $400,000 freelancing and only work when I want to. But the best thing I’ve accomplished? Is mastering how to use Upwork to find the perfect clients now

And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. I’ve put my very best profile tips and strategy into the Profile Success Mini-Course– one of the most impactful pieces of training regarding building the foundation of what can become a long and successful career as a freelancer. Inside the mini-course, you’ll find all you need to complete your profile and get to work!

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