Episode #45 - Freelancing in a Niched Market

Welcome to Talking Freelance, your go-to podcast for all things freelancing. This week, Leah interviews Mika, a food blogger and owner of Joy to the Food, who shares her inspiring journey from Construction Project Management to a successful food blogger freelancer. Mika's story is a testament to the power of niche freelancing - how she had to figure out unconventional ways of finding clients and nurturing her network to grow her business. Her approach to making her clients feel appreciated has been pivotal to her success as a freelancer. Mika also shares her insights on the importance of letting go of clients who don't feel like a good fit, a lesson that every freelancer can benefit from. Listen here! 


Connect With Mika:
Email: [email protected]
IG: @_joytothefood_
Website: www.joytothefood.com