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Top 5 Goal-Tracking Apps

What do you want to achieve? Maybe it’s to lose some weight, get fit, run a marathon, expand your business, or write a book. Whatever your goals, we all know deep down inside that succeeding in any of these calls for two things:

  • Planning
  • Steady, consistent work

You don’t need to be a Gantt chart guru to ace your planning and organization. There are lots of apps and software available to make organizing easy and fun, as well as giving you instant feedback and analysis of your progress. Many of them promote developing and rewarding positive habits and behaviors that you can apply to all areas of your life, from exercise and healthy eating to social media use and business.

Here are five of the most popular goal tracking apps:

  1. Strides
    Strides is a free IOS app based on listing your goals and habits, and it allows you to track daily monthly and annual progress. It displays notifications and graphs progress in meeting your set milestones.
    Strides has a simple display in a...
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Reasons Why You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

Spending just fifteen minutes a day writing in your gratitude journal can do amazing things in your life! Scientific studies have proven that showing gratitude on a consistent basis makes people happier and healthier. One of the best ways to get into the habit of cultivating gratitude is by keeping a journal. Here’s a short list of how a gratitude journal can change your life for the better:


A gratitude journal will help you note those simple things you achieve. You'll also be aware of both big and little things in life that you have to be thankful for by recording in your journal.


A gratitude journal keeps you happy because it keeps you focused on the good things that exist in your daily life. Once you start a gratitude journal, you are “on the lookout” for good things—both big and small. Imagine what your life would be like if you focused on the positive instead of negative!

Good health

Dis-ease is negative energy that has been stored...

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How to Keep Your Gratitude Practice Going

When it comes to showing gratitude, it’s a win-win situation. Unfortunately, in our busy world, sometimes we forget to appreciate all the amazing gifts we receive. Here are a few things you can do to cultivate gratitude and keep the practice going.

Don’t Skimp On The Compliments

While it is undisputed that the receiver of praise enjoys feeling noticed, appreciated, and motivated to do more, the giver also partakes in the feeling. For every compliment given you build a bond, you construct trust and encourage new connections.

  • Be genuine. False compliments are easy to detect, even when clothed with layers of smiles. Once it is perceived, the purpose is defeated.
  • Receive every compliment given to you graciously, never brush it off.
  • Be specific with compliments.
  • AVOID giving backhand compliments. Like saying, ‘for a boy, you’re quite good at babysitting.’ And don’t be frugal with praise. Let people know you appreciate them.

Get a Journal

A gratitude...

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Making Behavior-Based Goals Work for You

The easiest way to demonstrate the incredible effectiveness of behavior-based goals work when used in tandem with outcome-based goals is to give you a short narrative of someone utilizing both. To that end, let’s say we have a man named Dan who owns his own business and wants to secure three or four new clients each month in order to increase his business revenue.

Up until recently, Dan has relied heavily on word-of-mouth for advertising, and he’s done okay. In order to step it up a notch, he realizes he’ll have to do things he’s not very comfortable doing – things like attending networking events and cold-calling on businesses. Doing things that he’s not used to doing will call into play his self-discipline.

Dan is also aware that he is going to need to do these things repeatedly and consistently in order to secure the new business that will grow his business. For Dan, the fear of keeping his business at the same level, year after year, is more...

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How to Set Up Your Self-Reflection Practice

Self-reflection is essential to living your happiest life. A life where you appreciate the blessings you already have. Self-reflection gives you the will to gain control over your life, but you want to make sure you practice it in the right way. If you take the wrong approach, you'll find yourself stuck with thoughts of "could’ve, would’ve, should’ve." To get started the right way and build a successful self-reflection practice, try these:

Daily Reflection (Evening) 

  • What good did I do today?
  • How did I feel today?
  • What did I learn today?
  • What new decisions have I made and what do I expect to happen  
  • What were my character flaws? How did I treat others?
  • Am I getting trapped in routine? Am I fully engaged?
  • Am I pushing myself hard enough? Am I pushing myself too hard?
  • What self-care am I practicing that makes me feel great?
  • Am I severely neglecting one area of my life that’s infecting others?

Plan Next Day

  • What are the most important things to...
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Your Brain on Goals

You already have your best asset for success. Your brain is the biggest influencer on whether you’re going to meet your goals or not. And you can use scientists’ understanding of how the brain works, how it reacts to setting and achieving goals.

Neuroscience tells us that serotonin and dopamine are powerful neurotransmitters produced by the brain in response to success, by setting a goal and achieving it. Studies have shown that reward-setting behavior increases the levels of these neurotransmitters in the brain. Set a goal and achieve it, and that flood of pleasure and self-confidence is your brain releasing those feel-good chemicals. And the more you do it, the better you’ll feel.

Setting up a positive mindset feedback loop has a similar effect. Use these five techniques to program your brain with positive statements and thoughts, and your mindset will be positive and focused on success.

  1. Be positive!
    Load your brain with positive thoughts, words, and actions to...
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How to Kick Procrastination to the Curb (To Get Stuff Done)

Do you tend to postpone things until the last minute? Are you constantly missing deadlines and running late? If so, you're not alone. In fact, one in five people is a chronic procrastinator.

Each year, procrastination costs businesses $10,396 per employee. Workers who fall into this category waste approximately two hours per day on activities that have nothing to do with their job. They get easily distracted, have trouble focusing, or simply don't feel like working.

Luckily, there are ways to beat procrastination and build better habits that will skyrocket your productivity. Let's get into it!

Make Mini To-Do Lists

Many times, we procrastinate because we're feeling stress or overwhelmed. If that's your case, break bigger tasks into smaller, actionable steps that take minutes to complete.

Let's say you want to learn German, but who has the time to study for one or two hours a day? Start with small things, such as scheduling weekly Skype training sessions with a native speaker. Commit...

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4 Ways to Make a Decision So You Can Get to It Already

Making decisions is never easy. You need to assess your options, consider the risks, and predict a potential outcome. The more choices you have, the harder it gets. Additionally, self-doubt can affect your judgment and keep you from taking action.

Even a minor decision, such as skipping a workout, can impact your life. For some reason, you can't make it to the gym today. The next day, something unexpected comes up, so you miss your workout once again. A month goes by, and you barely got any exercise.

So, what's the best way to make a decision you won't regret? One that requires action and can change your life for the better? Here are four strategies you can use: 

Write It Down

Every time you need to make a big decision put it on paper. Write down how you feel about it, assess the pros and cons, and highlight the key facts. Read everything the next day and the day after. If you still feel the same about it, go ahead and take action!

Journaling is a good way to clarify your ideas...

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How to Declutter Your Mind

Decluttering your life and becoming organized starts with one important but easily overlooked step. You need to declutter your mind.

If your home and office are cluttered and disorganized, chances are your mind is too. Mental clutter is restless, moving from brooding over the past to worrying about the future. It’s going through your mental to-do list and fretting over having too much to do. Above all, mental clutter is exhausting and fruitless. It stops you from getting things done.

Here are some top tips for getting back in control and decluttering your mind.

1. Declutter your environment
If all you can see is chaos, your mind will be in overdrive all the time as there’s always something that needs doing. When you tidy up your space, things stop being overwhelming and you will be able to see if in fact anything needs doing.

2. Start keeping lists
Free up your mental space and keep anxiety at bay by writing lists. Checklists and to-do lists will keep your tasks ordered...

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How to Utilize Behavior-Based Goals

Setting goals simply work... there can be no doubt about that. But I’ll bet that the goals you currently want to achieve are based on a specific outcome, aren’t they? These are called outcome-based goals, and they usually involve a change in a situation in our lives. A better job, more money, a bigger house, weight loss and/or fitness... all of these are outcome-based goals, and these are what comes to mind when most people think about goal setting.

But there is a different type of goal that doesn’t focus on the outcome at all! Rather than focusing on the outcome, this type of goal focuses on changing behaviors that make achieving the outcome-based goals so much easier and faster! These types of goals are called behavior-based goals.

With behavior-based goal setting, the intention is to create positive change in your habits, or behaviors, which will increase your chances of achieving your outcome-based goals. You can think of behavior-based goals as a mid-point,...

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