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Why is it so important to set and review goals?

When you don't get clarity around where you've been and where you want to go, you can get stuck in the same place and old routine.


  • To spend time dreaming up your vision
  • To let go of all the old past stuff and be grateful for it so you can move onwards
  • Support systems to help you make it happen
  • Delicious, probing questions to help you get to the soul of what it is you need
  • To review your goals regularly so you can take ACTION and bring them into the world!


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How Journaling Can Help with Achieving Your Goals

Journaling can help you achieve your goals because it will force you to think about them, consider the why and how, and delve deeper into the situation so that you can examine all sides of it. Read on to find out how journaling can help.

  • It Forces You to Write Down Your Goals ñ When you start a journal, it basically is a way to force yourself to document your goals. Whether you write them down on paper or you use technology to get it all down doesnít matter. Once they're written, they are ready to tackle.
  • It Makes You Consider Why and How ñ As you enter data into your journal, youíll be forced to face the why and how of your goal. This is especially true if you write down a goal and focus on it in your journal.
  • It Enables You to Examine the Opportunities and Threats ñ When you are focused on goal making with your journal, youíll also explore opportunities and threats coming your way due to your goals. It helps you avoid roadblocks in...
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