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Upwork Profile Mistakes to Avoid

freelance advice upwork profile Dec 17, 2021

Some of these may seem obvious but are more common than you might think.

  • Having an incomplete profile
  • Not utilizing keywords, or using incorrect keywords
  • Unprofessional profile picture. It' doesn't have to be professionally done.
  • Failing to use your title to highlight your expertise. This is your first chance to tell clients who you are and what you do.
  • Not including a portfolio. Even if you're brand new, there are ways to showcase the work you can do.

Your profile is the place where you get to highlight all the things that show why you're the freelancer to hire. Incorporating these 5 tips will help to ensure that you land high-quality clients.

And if you need help in creating a profile that will help you succeed on Upwork, my Upwork Profile Success Mini-Course can help!

The course features eight lessons filled with tips and strategies that will help you create a stand-out profile. And when you sign up, you'll also receive a bonus Job Review Checklist and Profile Review done by me personally. This will help lead you in the right direction for amazing growth potential on Upwork.

Work through the course at your own pace and implement the changes you need to create a profile where clients will see the value in your services. A well-optimized profile will help you land the jobs you want to work on! Working on projects we are excited about is why many of us freelance in the first place.

Learn more about the Profile Success Mini-Course and find the special bonus offer here.

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