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The Art of Alignment and Authenticity for Business Success

mindset podcast starting a freelancing career Jan 08, 2024





Welcome to the latest episode of the Talking Freelance podcast! In today's insightful discussion, Leah is joined by Chantelle, a mentor to service-based business owners and an author. The focus of their conversation revolves around the crucial topics of alignment and self-awareness in the world of freelancing.

Chantelle, with her wealth of experience, emphasizes the significance of alignment, describing it as a continuous process and intentional choice. According to her, achieving alignment brings a sense of satisfaction and propels other aspects of one's business into harmony.

Leah, sharing her journey, acknowledges that achieving alignment is not an instantaneous event; it's a gradual process that unfolds over the years. Both hosts delve into the personal aspects of alignment, highlighting the challenge of staying true to oneself amidst various influences and directions in the freelancing world.

Chantelle introduces the idea that authenticity and alignment are intertwined, emphasizing that being authentic means being aligned with oneself. This, she argues, extends to understanding one's values, strengths, and purpose, crucial foundations for making sound business decisions.

The conversation takes an introspective turn as they discuss the role of self-development in success. Chantelle shares her monthly alignment report, revealing the ongoing nature of the alignment journey, where moments of extreme alignment coexist with periods of misalignment.

Leah shares a valuable insight into her prioritization system—faith first, family second, and career third. This hierarchy, she explains, helps her maintain balance and make choices that align with her values, preventing her from feeling overwhelmed or out of sync.

The hosts also discuss the challenge of maintaining alignment during holidays and how personal and professional choices can impact one's well-being. They touch on the importance of recognizing when one is veering off course and the subsequent need for recalibration.

In a candid exchange, Leah and Chantelle share personal stories that exemplify the complexities of aligning personal and professional priorities. They discuss the importance of acknowledging feelings of annoyance as signals of misalignment and the necessity of making intentional choices.

As the podcast draws to a close, Chantelle offers practical tips for those seeking alignment in their freelancing journey. She advocates for the continuous practice of self-reflection, asking oneself if a choice feels aligned and assessing its impact on personal goals.

In conclusion, the episode leaves freelancers with a powerful takeaway—aligning personal values with business choices leads to a more fulfilling and successful freelancing experience. The ongoing pursuit of self-awareness and alignment serves as a compass for making intentional and harmonious decisions in the dynamic world of freelancing.

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