The 7 Life Areas to Set Goals

entrepreneurship growth mindset unleash your higher self Dec 16, 2020

Goal-setting is a key element in building and growing a successful business, but did you know that setting goals can help you in so many other aspects of your life?

Think of where you want to be in six months, a year, five years. What are your dreams? When you think about them, do you find yourself smiling and thinking ‘but I could never do that, never be that’?

But you can! If you want to live your dream life you need a plan, goals, and milestones to get you there. You can take control of your dreams and make them a reality, not just at work but in every area of your life.

  1. Career and business
    Everyone has a career or business goals probably connected with what you’re already doing. But think big! Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to be CEO? Would you like to take a sabbatical and make art for a year? Whatever you want to be or do, this year, next year, in ten years’ time, if you have a plan of action and milestones to reach it, you can get there.
  2. Finances
    Financial goals can support your career or business goals. Do you want to be able to afford that sabbatical or that gap year? Plan for it so you can afford it.
  3. Education
    Having educational goals can expand your future. Do you want to change careers? What do you need to learn to get there? What are your options: online study? Part-time face-to-face classes? How will it work with your existing obligations at work and home? If it’s not a 180-degree change, perhaps your current organization would support you.
  4. Relationships
    Goal setting and planning can also help improve your relationships with family and friends. Whether it’s keeping in touch or prioritizing spending time with loved ones, you'll see the benefits.
  5. Health and fitness
    Setting achievable and measurable goals is essential for losing weight or being marathon-ready. Goals also make exercise fun and keep you motivated.
  6. Personal growth
    Think of what you would like to achieve on a personal level. What do you want to do for you? It might be to become proficient at public-speaking or ceramics, learn a language or commit to a yoga practice.
  7. Spiritual growth
    Spiritual growth might seem an odd area for goal setting, but think of how you want to grow this part of your life. It could be as simple as keeping a gratitude journal, committing to daily meditation practice, or a stretch goal such as becoming a yogi master.
    It’s great, essential even, to have dreams. But know that you can make your dreams reality with some thinking, planning, and commitment. Take control and live your dreams.


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