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Simplify Your Life with a Kitchen Routine: Insights from Kare Maryn

podcast resources Oct 16, 2023





In this episode of the Talking Freelance podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Kare Maryn, a kitchen coach, and mom of five. Kare shared her journey, insights, and tips on how to balance life as a business owner and a busy mom. Her story is a testament to how unexpected life turns can lead to fulfilling careers and passions. Let's dive into the key takeaways from our conversation with Kare.

Kare's journey into the world of kitchen coaching wasn't a traditional one. Growing up, she didn't have much experience in the kitchen. It was only as an adult that she taught herself how to cook and found joy in it. Her culinary journey began when friends started asking her to prepare special dishes, like vegan or gluten-free meals. Soon, word of mouth led to her becoming a personal chef for different families.

What truly set Kare on her path as a kitchen coach was her firsthand experience in the homes of other moms. She realized the challenges they faced when it came to meal planning and cooking, which she hadn't fully comprehended before becoming a mom herself. It was this intersection of her passion for cooking and her desire to help moms that led her to transition her business to the online sphere, where she now guides moms in simplifying their kitchen routines.

Kare's freelance superpower lies in her ability to genuinely enjoy what she does. Her passion for cooking and helping moms shines through in her work. This enthusiasm not only drives her business but also allows her to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Kare's primary goal for her business is simple: to help more moms create efficient kitchen routines. By reaching out to more moms and making her services accessible, she hopes to alleviate the meal planning struggles many mothers face.

Tips for Moms and Freelancers:

  1. Start Meal Planning Early: Kare recommends beginning your meal planning process well in advance, ideally on a Think Ahead Thursday. Starting early provides you with more time to make grocery lists and prep ingredients, reducing stress.
  2. Create a Collection of Favorite Recipes: Compile a collection of recipes your family loves, those that require minimal effort and fit your preferences. Having this ready makes meal planning a breeze.
  3. Utilize Recipe Keeper Apps: If you find recipes online or on social media, use apps like Recipe Keeper to organize and simplify your digital recipe collection. This will save you time and help you stay organized.

Kare Maryn's journey from self-taught cook to kitchen coach is a testament to the power of passion and adaptability. Her mission to help moms simplify their kitchen routines and enjoy meal planning resonates with many, and her tips provide valuable insights for busy moms and freelancers alike. Remember, meal planning doesn't have to be a daunting task; it can become a simple and enjoyable routine in your life.

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