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No Matter How Lofty Your Goals, Focus And Discipline Can Get You There

Apr 07, 2021

One of the secrets to success is to set big goals. We have to stretch ourselves and move past our comfort zone to truly become successful. Working towards lofty goals can help us do just that. Of course, that’s easier said than done. The good news is that if you can work on improving two personal traits or skills, it will become much easier. Those skills are focus and discipline. They work hand in hand to help you reach those goals, no matter how far out of reach they seem.


What Is Focus

Being able to focus on is the ability to concentrate on one particular task at a time. It keeps you from getting distracted and helps you make progress on what’s most important. Focus gives you clarity and purpose.

To get better at focusing on the important task at hand, write them down. Limit yourself to three things that you should be working on and accomplish today.


What Is Discipline

Discipline is just as important when it comes to avoiding distractions. It’s the skill to make yourself get things done even when you don’t feel like it. Power through and you’ll feel better for it.

To get better at discipline, you need to practice it daily. Make it a point to not stop for the day until your three important tasks (that give you focus), have been checked off.


Why You Need Both

While there are many other success skills needed throughout life, there’s a reason I’m mentioning these two together. Discipline helps you work on something day in and day out. Focus helps you stay on target and not get distracted. Think of it like going on a long walk towards a specific destination. Let’s say it’s a hike through the woods at the base of a mountain, and the end goal is to make it to the top of said mountain. Discipline will help you make sure you keep walking even when you’re tired, and when you don’t feel like hiking anymore. Focus on the other hand helps you make sure you pick the best route to get to the top of the mountain. Without focus, you could end up walking around in circles without making any real progress. Without discipline, you won’t be able to take the thousands of steps (and make it through any setbacks or difficulties you encounter along the way) it will take to make it to the top.

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