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Navigating the Freelancer's Journey: A Resourceful Guide

Dec 18, 2023





Welcome back to the Talking Freelance podcast! In this episode, Leah, the host, is joined by her podcast manager, Beth, to dive into a variety of resources essential for freelancers. Leah emphasizes her commitment to helping freelancers from their initial decision to start through the entire journey of becoming successful. Here's a breakdown of some valuable insights from the conversation:

1. Launch Plan Guide for New Freelancers:
Leah introduces her Launch Plan Guide, a free resource designed for freelancers, especially those who are just starting out or considering freelancing. The guide covers crucial aspects like setting up an Upwork profile, emphasizing the importance of self-accountability, and providing a job review checklist to ensure compatibility with potential clients.

2. Profile Review Service:
Beth explores Leah's profile review service, highlighting its significance in ensuring that freelancers optimize their profiles effectively. Leah shares her personal experience of the impact of client payment verification and star ratings, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right clients.

3. Freelance Startup Lab:
Leah introduces the Freelance Startup Lab, a personalized one-on-one support opportunity for freelancers who feel uncertain about where to begin. This service aims to guide freelancers through the process of setting up their profiles, understanding pricing strategies, and offering soft skills tips to boost confidence.

4. Customized Coaching Plans:
Leah discusses the flexibility of her approach, noting that coaching plans can be customized based on individual needs. Whether someone is seeking a part-time gig, holiday income, or a complete career change, Leah's goal is to provide tailored support for each unique freelancing journey.

5. Creating a Life You Love:
Throughout the conversation, the underlying theme is Leah's desire to support freelancers in creating a life they love. She acknowledges the challenges freelancers face, from the initial fear of starting to the need for ongoing support, and emphasizes the importance of enjoying the freelancing journey.

As the podcast episode concludes, Leah encourages listeners to explore the mentioned resources on her website, reinforcing her commitment to being a trusted resource for freelancers at every stage of their journey. Whether freelancers are avid podcast listeners, blog readers, or occasional visitors, Leah aims to provide the support needed to help them succeed in the world of freelancing.


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