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Live a Healthy Lifestyle When Working From Home

freelance lifestyle podcast Nov 20, 2023





In today's episode of the Talking Freelance podcast, we delve into a topic that resonates with anyone who works from home—living a healthy lifestyle. Leah and Camille, both freelancers, discuss various strategies to help you lead a more productive and balanced life, even when working from the comfort of your home. This blog post will provide a condensed summary of their valuable insights.

Setting the Stage for Success:
One key aspect of a healthy work-from-home lifestyle is establishing a morning routine. While Leah emphasizes the importance of scheduling her routine and avoiding social media as the first thing in the morning, Camille's routine is centered around her five-year-old's schedule. Adapt your routine to your life circumstances, but make sure it is consistent and non-negotiable.

Natural Light and Exercise:
Leah mentions the positive impact of natural light and how it has improved her mornings. Camille focuses on exercise as a vital component of her morning routine, helping her to kickstart her workday with energy and intention.

Nighttime Routine:
Leah and Camille both highlight the significance of a nighttime routine in preparing for the next day. This includes planning meals, selecting outfits, and ensuring a smooth bedtime routine for children.

Meal Prepping:
Camille emphasizes the importance of meal prepping as a key to success. She suggests shopping the perimeter of the store for healthier options, sticking to a list, and checking your produce to make it last longer. Meal prepping can make healthy eating more convenient and efficient.

Recognizing Your Busy Life:
Acknowledging your busy life and setting priorities is essential. Identifying when you are most occupied and managing your schedule accordingly helps ensure balance.

Fitness Strategies:
Leah discusses her exercise routine, and Camille shares her approach to staying active. The key is to find activities you enjoy and schedule them as non-negotiable appointments in your week.

Self-care means different things to different people. Leah and Camille reveal how they incorporate self-care into their daily lives, from setting boundaries to taking breaks and prioritizing their well-being.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working from home is achievable with the right strategies. The insights shared by Leah and Camille provide valuable guidance for anyone seeking to create a more balanced and productive work-from-home routine. You can access more details and resources from this episode in the show notes. Remember, it's all about being intentional and finding what works best for you in your unique freelancing journey.

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