Investing In Yourself As A Freelancer

freelance connection Jul 02, 2021

In this episode let’s talk about investing. I’m not talking about money, but investing in yourself. There are so many ways you can invest in yourself like education to continue learning to specialize your skills. Then there’s investing in your designers, beliefs, priorities, and more, and then also investing in your self-care. All of these fall under investing in yourself.

I’m not a big fan of phrases like “work-life balance” because the word balance signifies equal portions of things. I think changing the word “balance” for the word “harmony” is important. In my opinion, this means really living a life where you feel good. Good meaning you’re in the right place at the right time.  

One thing I do is to make sure I’m investing in my kids, together and individually. Life can be a little chaotic with teenagers and sometimes it can feel like all they need me for is food in the cupboards, for transportation when they need to go somewhere, and for making sure they have cash. They’re really functioning humans at this point so it’s really about taking that time out of your day to intentionally spend with them, or investing in them. It is so fun to watch their personalities shine through which is huge for me in investing in myself because that’s showing me that I’m keeping my priorities in order and keeping myself in harmony. 

For example, I’ve had a busy day today where I’ve overscheduled myself with clients, it’s been a little chaotic with one haul after another, one client needs this and one client needs that and it’s been a lot. But when I’m done, I get to close my laptop and hop out on the kayaks with my daughter and spend time with her. Investing in that time with her is what really fills my cup. 

It’s a huge check off my list, not a physical one, but it’s what truly motivates me and keeps me going. Checking in with my why: why I am a freelancer, why do I live this life, why is it so important that I can take my laptop with me wherever I go? And, for me, it’s because I get to be present in the things that I truly want to be present in. I have complete control over my finances and over my time. This is why I freelance. 

I keep this in front of myself in order to keep going. Knowing that at the end of a chaotic day, I get to close my laptop and know I was productive and knowing I’m doing this for a reason. I’m willing to have those chaotic times so I truly have the time to have fun and play and not worry about making money, answering to a boss, and all of those different things that come with a 9-5 job. 

This is the life I’ve designed and it’s all about making sure that my investments are set properly, making sure that I position myself as an expert in the services that I provide as a freelancer, making sure that I’m investing in my kids so that they stay on the straight and narrow, and making sure I’m investing in myself so that at the end of the day I’m not a complete and utter mess. Investing in all the other things that are a priority to me: friends, social life, etc. 

The biggest takeaway I want to have is to make sure you know what you need to invest in. Make sure you know what you want to invest in. And, making sure all of that comes together so you can live a life in harmony.

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