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How To Take Time Daily For Personal Growth

embrace entrepreneurship growth harmony mindset strategy Jun 30, 2021

There are many different ways to grow personally daily, and it’s important to keep in mind that small efforts will create change and encourage you to grow in ways that you cannot even imagine right now.

I encourage you to do something daily that your future self will thank you for, and today, I’m sharing seven ways that you can incorporate time into your day for personal growth!

1 - Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is not just about knowing your likes and dislikes. It is more about knowing who you are as a person deep within yourself. Consider taking some time to identify your core values as a person. Many businesses have core values, but bringing your values back to personal development will help tremendously in the business world.

2 - Cultivate A Positive Crew

Surround yourself with positive people and people you want to be like. I’m talking about people who encourage you, help you grow and challenge you to achieve greatness. These people have a story to tell, gifts to share and lessons to teach. Get rid of people who are negative and bring you down - that can harm you more than you realize. You should also avoid comparing yourself to other people and what you see on social media!

3 - Meet New People

Find ways to meet new people. It is SO important to broaden your circle of influence, so your business can grow. Some recommended ways to meet new people are: attend networking events, social business events and/or join different groups on social media and become a valuable asset in those groups. Stand out in the noise of social media and you will attract people because they value what you offer. Spending time with new people will broaden your horizons and open up different adventures and opportunities in your life.

4 - Practice Gratitude

Do you have a gratitude journal? Or do you at least think about the good things that happen to you each day and things that you are thankful for? When you have this tool in place, whether it is taking the time to think or physically writing it down, you will often look at the good in situations more than the bad. I, personally, recommend writing what you’re grateful for down, so when you are having the inevitable high stress or chaotic day you can look back in your writings to remember the good and the things you are thankful for.

5 - Release Your Thoughts

Find an outlet for your thoughts. My favorite is writing in my journal. Blogging can also be another great way to get your thoughts out in the world. You have a story to share!

6 - Get Organized

There are so many aspects of your life that should be organized and that in itself can be overwhelming. Start with the simple things or areas of your life that stress you out when they are unorganized. Keep in mind that we get emotionally attached to “stuff.” When you purge and rid yourself of all the clutter you’re holding onto for a lifetime you feel empowered; it is freeing!

7 - Read Daily!

Reading connects you and stretches your thinking. Plus, reading grows you in the easiest way possible. If this is something you struggle with, join an accountability group or find a friend to read the same book you are reading so you have someone to discuss the book with. Find books that are interesting to you because reading should be enjoyable. Find a way to read that appeals to your senses; do you prefer an audiobook, a paper book, a hardcover book or a digital version of a book? Make your selection and get to reading!

I’d love to know how you take time daily for personal growth. Let me know in the comments!

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