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Growing Up in an Entrepreneurial Home

podcast working as a freelancer Sep 18, 2023





Welcome to the Talking Freelance Podcast! In this episode, we have a special guest who has experienced the world of entrepreneurship from a unique perspective - Nick, the son of our host, Leah Meyers. Nick is not your typical 18-year-old. He has already embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, and today, we'll delve into what it's been like growing up in a household that thrives on entrepreneurship.

Nick, a talented cross-country runner, hockey player, and aspiring entrepreneur, shares his thoughts on life in an entrepreneurial household. He talks about the ups and downs, the quirks, and the adventures that have shaped his perspective.

One of the perks, as Nick humorously notes, is the ability to ask Mom for assistance whenever he needs it, a luxury not everyone enjoys. Leah's flexible schedule has allowed her to attend Nick's events and activities, providing him with invaluable support.

Nick also recalls memorable family trips and spontaneous outings. These experiences, fueled by Leah's hard work and dedication, have left lasting impressions on him.

In the latter part of the podcast, Nick discusses his own budding business, StrongSocks, where he sells fun and stylish socks. Inspired by his love for sports and a dash of entrepreneurship from his upbringing, Nick's goals for his business are ambitious. He aims to sell 10,000 pairs of socks and collaborate with ten different businesses within a year.

Nick's advice to fellow entrepreneurial kids and adults alike is to seize opportunities, run with their ideas, and seek support from those around them. He emphasizes that entrepreneurship is not just about business but also about gaining valuable life experiences and people skills.

Leah concludes the podcast by acknowledging the unique benefits and challenges of raising kids in an entrepreneurial environment. She expresses her pride in her son's entrepreneurial spirit and encourages others to explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

So, whether you're a seasoned freelancer or just starting your journey, Nick's story reminds us that entrepreneurship knows no age limits, and with determination and support, you can turn your dreams into reality. Stay tuned for more episodes of the Talking Freelance Podcast, where we unravel the secrets of freelance success.

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