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Freelancing and Motherhood: Navigating Chaos with Taylor Brady

podcast working as a freelancer Oct 09, 2023





Finding Her Why:
Taylor embarked on her freelancing journey in 2020, driven by a simple yet powerful "why" – to be present for her kids. She wanted to avoid sending her newborn to preschool or daycare amidst the chaos of the pandemic. Starting her own business allowed her to work from home while caring for her little ones.

The Chaos of Mom Life:
With a 10-month-old baby and a three-year-old toddler, Taylor's days are a delightful mix of fun and chaos. As any parent can relate, productivity levels tend to dip when babies are involved. Still, she manages to balance her business with her mom duties.

Transitioning to Freelance Web Design:
Taylor initially ventured into virtual assisting but later pivoted to specialize in brand and web design. Her decision stemmed from the need for flexibility and control over her schedule, given the challenges of caring for two kids at home. This transition allowed her to take on project-based work and eliminate the need to track hours.

Managing Word of Mouth Referrals:
One of Taylor's key strategies for success has been harnessing the power of word-of-mouth referrals. She has streamlined her client onboarding process with automation tools like DevSado, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for clients from inquiry to project completion.

Embracing Time Zone Flexibility:
Taylor's clients are primarily located in California, despite her residing in the Eastern time zone. This time zone difference works to her advantage, allowing her to work during her most productive hours while accommodating her clients' schedules.

Setting Boundaries:
A crucial aspect of Taylor's mompreneur journey is setting boundaries. She emphasizes the importance of creating boundaries not only with clients but also with her children. Establishing dedicated work times and self-care routines has been essential in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Future Goals:
Taylor's upcoming goal is to reach a six-figure income in the coming year. However, she recognizes the importance of continuously setting new goals and challenges to keep growing and evolving in her freelancing career.

Taylor's journey as a freelance brand and web designer, balancing her role as a mom, offers valuable insights for other freelancers looking to navigate the challenges of parenthood while pursuing their professional dreams. Her commitment to setting boundaries, automating processes, and embracing time zone flexibility serves as an inspiration for those seeking a harmonious work-life balance in the world of freelancing.

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