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Freelance Journey and Work-Life Balance with Beth Schendel

podcast working as a freelancer Sep 25, 2023





Welcome to Talking Freelance! In this episode, we'll delve into Beth's inspiring story—a freelance mom who has successfully balanced her career with the demands of motherhood. Whether you're a mom seeking advice on striking a work-life balance or looking for insights into the world of freelancing, this conversation offers valuable perspectives.

Beth's freelancing journey began during her second pregnancy when the need for a flexible schedule became apparent. High daycare costs and the challenges of evening work with kids prompted her to explore freelancing as a viable alternative.

Initially, Beth started as a virtual assistant, providing general administrative support to various clients. As her journey evolved, so did her services, and she transitioned into specializing in technical support, setting up systems, and managing behind-the-scenes operations for her clients.

Balancing her roles as a mother and freelancer was not without its difficulties. Beth shared her strategies, such as utilizing her toddler's nap times and evenings for work, even using her smartphone to multitask. As her children grew, she adopted color-coding in her calendar to manage their activities alongside her work commitments.

One of Beth's standout freelance abilities is her exceptional organizational skills. Her meticulously categorized calendar and cloud storage have been instrumental in streamlining her work and personal life.

Beth's overarching goal as a freelancer is to maintain financial stability while preserving her flexible schedule. The ability to be present for her children's milestones and adapt to changing family dynamics remains a top priority.

She also offered valuable advice to fellow moms starting their freelancing journey, emphasizing the importance of part-time daycare to gain mental space for focused work. Additionally, she discussed the significance of adapting one's schedule to accommodate children's needs—a flexibility unique to freelancing.

Beth's journey exemplifies how freelancing can empower moms to balance their careers and family life effectively. Her story serves as a testament to the potential for growth, both professionally and personally, when embarking on a freelancing adventure.

In conclusion, Beth's journey as a mom and a freelancer highlights the power of determination, organization, and flexibility in achieving a harmonious work-life balance. Whether you're a mom considering freelancing or seeking inspiration for your journey, Beth's insights offer valuable guidance and motivation. Stay tuned for more stories and tips on Talking Freelance!

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