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Finding Work on UpWork

finding work podcast Jul 31, 2023





If you're a freelancer or considering stepping into the world of freelancing, you've likely heard of Upwork - a platform that connects independent talents with clients seeking various services. Navigating this bustling marketplace might seem daunting, but fear not! In this episode of the Talking Freelance Podcast, host Leah Meyers shares a wealth of knowledge about finding work and excelling on Upwork.

1. The Paths to Landing Jobs

Leah delves into the two primary ways to secure jobs on Upwork: applying for jobs and being invited to jobs. Applying for jobs involves scouring the dashboard for suitable listings and crafting compelling proposals. Invitations, on the other hand, come your way once you've gained some traction on the platform. If you're just starting, don't worry if invitations aren't rolling in immediately.

2. Strategically Seek Opportunities

Leah emphasizes the importance of focus when hunting for jobs. Upwork's job bank is extensive, but wandering aimlessly won't yield results. Utilize saved searches by inputting specific keywords related to your expertise. These searches can save you time and streamline your job search.

3. Evaluating Clients: The Good, the Bad, and the Scams

It's not just about landing any job; it's about landing the right job. Leah guides freelancers in evaluating potential clients. Ratings, reviews, and interactions can offer insights into a client's professionalism. If a client has subpar ratings or unfavorable reviews, proceed with caution. Leah's personal philosophy revolves around learning from the experiences of fellow freelancers to avoid potential pitfalls.

4. Contract Choices: Fixed Rate or Hourly

Contracts are a crucial aspect of freelancing, and Leah outlines two types: fixed-rate and hourly. The decision hinges on your preference and the nature of your work. Leah, a strategy-focused freelancer, prefers hourly contracts for their flexibility and simplicity in the face of evolving project needs.

5. Crafting Winning Proposals

Writing proposals that stand out is an art. Leah encourages freelancers to personalize their proposals to align with a client's specific needs. This tailored approach showcases your value and expertise. Leah's adept strategy of using a pre-established template for introducing herself expedites her proposal process without sacrificing personalization.

6. The Power of Consistency

Leah underscores the value of consistency. Success on Upwork isn't contingent on a dazzling profile or portfolio; it's about consistently applying for jobs. Set a goal to submit a specific number of job applications daily, and over time, this persistence will lead to results.

7. Effective Negotiation and Self-Worth

Negotiation is part of the game. Leah encourages freelancers not to shy away from negotiation while being mindful of their self-worth. Clients often appreciate confident yet fair negotiation, as it demonstrates professionalism and understanding of market value.

Leah's insights are a treasure trove for freelancers navigating Upwork's dynamic landscape. From hunting for the right opportunities to deciphering client credibility and crafting compelling proposals, her advice equips freelancers with actionable strategies to maximize success on this platform. Remember, while the path to freelancing success might not be a straight line, it's certainly within reach with the right mindset and tactics.

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