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Embracing Change: A Freelancer's Journey from Corporate to Self-Employment

mindset podcast working as a freelancer Jan 15, 2024




Hey, everyone! Leah here, and I'm beyond excited for this episode. I've got a fantastic guest today—Cassi a sales and marketing strategist with an inspiring story to share. Cassi's transition from a decade-long corporate career to freelancing is filled with challenges, doubts, and, most importantly, triumphs.

Cassi started her professional journey in the corporate world, initially working for an LA-based agency before relocating to the Midwest. Her experiences spanned B2B channels and the complexities of selling through a retail space. However, the turning point in her life occurred when faced with the decision to prioritize her family and embark on the freelancing journey.

In this conversation, Cassi opens up about the emotional rollercoaster that accompanied her decision. Imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and the daunting question of, "Can I do this?" lingered in her mind. But the birth of her son became the catalyst, pushing her to bet on herself and strive for a work-life balance that resonated with her values.

Family plays a significant role in Cassi's story. Growing up with a father who owned his own company and witnessing her sister successfully navigate the freelancing world, Cassi felt a deep-seated desire to take control of her destiny.

As she delves into her goals for 2024, Cassi reveals her determination to replace her corporate salary through freelancing. The dream isn't just about financial gains; it's about reclaiming time and autonomy over her life.

Imposter syndrome hasn't left Cassi's side, especially when bidding for jobs or discussing rates. However, the support of her family and industry contacts has been a crucial confidence boost, reinforcing her worth and capabilities.

In the spirit of transparency, Cassi shares her big dreams and aspirations. She acknowledges the imposter syndrome but emphasizes the importance of putting on those "big girl pants" and facing challenges head-on.

For those considering freelancing or going through a similar transition, Cassi's journey offers a beacon of hope. It's a reminder that embracing change, even when it feels overwhelming, can lead to incredible personal and professional growth.

If you're at the crossroads of change, take that first step. As Cassi aptly puts it, "It's terrifying, but it's worth it." Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and insights on the Talking Freelance podcast. Thanks for joining us today!

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