Best Apps for Staying Organized

entrepreneurship growth mindset unleash your higher self Jul 29, 2020

There are so many apps for your smartphone, computer, and tablet that will help you stay in control of your life. Here are a few of the most recommended apps.

  1. KonMari
    The Queen of organization and decluttering, Marie Kondo, inventor of the KonMari method, has an official app to help you stay on top of your tidying. Exclusively for iPhones, this app includes a supportive community, exclusive news, checklists, and a progress dashboard. The checklists will help you track your progress as you tidy the five key categories of the KonMari method: clothing, books, papers, komono or miscellaneous, and sentimental items.

    Future features include a connection to KonMarie Certified Consultants in your area to help and support you.

    2. Procrasterapp
    The Procrasterapp helps you outsmart yourself. Maybe you find yourself making lists you don’t use, or downloading organization apps that you don’t open, or intending to be more organized but never actually getting around to it. Procrasterapp is the app for you! You can choose from a menu of mindsets to let Procrasterapp know why you’re procrastinating (the task is too overwhelming, I don’t know where to start, etc.) and it will prompt you how to take the next step. And it has a timer, so you can allocate a specific amount of time for a task, add it to your calendar and then get on with it, with the clock ticking. The app will also build in a reward for completed tasks.

    3. IFTTT
    If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a free app that allows all your apps and devices to talk to one another and synchronize with all your web services. With IFTTT you can post the same content across a number of social media platforms, track mentions in RSS feeds, or send an email message if the user tweets using a specific hashtag.

    4. TripIt
    You can keep all your travel data in one place with the TripIt app. Boarding passes, tickets, itineraries, and accommodation reservations are all safely stored in your TripIt account. Link TripIt to your email and all your bookings and amendments will synchronize to your TripIt master itinerary which also includes directions, maps, and weather at your destination. TripIt will also send you reminders and alerts so you’ll always be on time and organized.

    5. Pocket
    If you never have time to read that article, Pocket can help you. Pocket is a browser extension that syncs with your phone app so that the article, video, or web page is available offline for you to read when you have time. You can also tag items making it easy to navigate your ‘read it later’ list.

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