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Back to Basics Freelancing - Part 2 Finding Work

foundations freelance connection freelancing basics Sep 22, 2021

Let's find you some work so you can start making money on Upwork!

So to many, it's a no-brainer that you want to find work in order to make money. In this episode, we're going to dive a little deeper into the fundamentals and the process you can follow to find work to be a successful freelancer. Whether you want to do this as a hobby, part-time, or your full-time gig there is a certain way you want to present yourself and a process you want to follow through with.

So let's walk through my strategies:

1. Consistency

If you're inconsistent when you're applying for jobs, the Upwork algorithm won't show you at the top of the list. I always suggest submitting 2-3 proposals per day to get the biggest return on your time. There might be a time when you have 20 or more proposals out there and you might be thinking if you get them you would be totally overwhelmed. I get that, and I'm not saying you have to take all 20 jobs. You don't want to get into submitting a proposal and waiting around a few days to see if it's accepted before submitting another one for a different job. I always like to be in the position that I get to choose whether to take a job versus I need to take a job.

2. Having a solid foundation

This means having a solid profile, portfolio, and proposal. Take a look at your profile, is it at 100%? When was the last time you reviewed it? Does it still showcase the services you're offering? Your portfolio has a few skills and services that you offer. When you're submitting proposals you want to make sure you're matching your skills to that job posting.

3. Find your niche

It helps to niche down from let's say virtual assistance or project management. You want to get a little bit more narrow and that will help you to really rise. Knowing your clients and who you want to work with is also really important. This type of niching might take some trial and error as you navigate your freelancing journey.

4. Customize your proposals

When you're rapid firing off proposals, it can get a little generic. You still want to take the time to customize your proposals so you're giving good value and giving them exactly what they need to know about you. This helps them make an informed decision if they want to hop on a call with you or not. I always leave my proposals with a call to action to hop on a call with me. Connect the dots for them by explaining this is the service you offer, this is what is in their job description, and this is how you can help them. This shows that you actually read the job description, you're actually interested, and you're giving effort to submitting your proposal.

5. Have patience

Don't give up! If you're submitting job proposals 2-3 times per day you ARE going to get some jobs. You may have to tweak the way you're presenting yourself. Or you may have to tweak your profile or proposals. This does work and has for a long time. I guarantee it will work for you as long as you have the foundations set up.

So get out there! Start submitting some proposals and go find some work!

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