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Back to Basics Freelancing - Part 1 Freelance Foundations

foundations freelance connection freelancing basics Sep 09, 2021

If you feel like you don’t have your foundations set in freelancing and you’re really looking to get started, then this is going to be a be the post for you. You’ll get some takeaways, really get to work, and implement some things for your business. So let’s get started!

Creating a solid profile

Making sure you have your profile filled out completely. 

  • You have a proper headline.
  • Good about section: after reading this section are they going to know 1. What you’re about, 2. What services do you offer, and 3. How they can work with you.
  • Educational background
  • Knowing what your skills are
  • Knowing your worth: when you are working with a client at a lower rate you’ll have to work more hours to hit your weekly target in revenue or you have to raise your rates

Confidence is key

Knowing what your worth is and knowing your profile is super strong helps you move into those first connection calls with confidence. Having that confidence is all a part of building that solid foundation. I feel what lead to my confidence is really knowing where my skills were at and really understanding where I could serve my clients. 

Take the $$ out of your eyes

If you’re in it just for the money, it’s going to show through. If you’re in it to be an extension of someone else’s business - that’s where you’re going to be able to grow and leverage your freelancing business. I think it’s also really important to understand that if you’re going to do this as a hobby or part-time but might want to do it full-time in the future, versus being out of all options and freelancing is the lifestyle you need to go down because you need the income. These are three different conversations that you need to have with yourself to see where you’re at and then grow from there. People can tell when you’re not genuine. 

Honor your commitments

The last thing I want to leave you with is when you commit to something make sure you are honoring those commitments. If you set a deadline for yourself it’s so important is to follow through with it and totally owning it. For example, I had a very crazy week and had to ask a client for an extension. Being upfront and honest with them, I explained that although I could get it done they wouldn’t have been satisfied with it and I wouldn’t have been satisfied with it. I was very real with them and called it out. My client was so grateful and was totally fine with the extension.

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