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A Peek into My Tech Toolbox

organization podcast starting a freelancing career Dec 26, 2023





Welcome to this week's episode of Talking Freelance! Today, we're diving into the heart of my six-figure online business—the 21 essential programs that keep everything running smoothly. As a freelancer, staying organized and maximizing productivity is key, and these tools have been game-changers for me.

1. Upwork
The powerhouse for finding and managing clients. From referrals to time tracking, Upwork is my go-to for 75-80% of my business. The mobile and desktop apps keep me connected and on top of messages.

2. Canva
A versatile resource for creating social media content, eBooks, and digital assets. Canva's palette feature is a favorite for quick and stylish color combinations, perfect for branding support.

3. QuickBooks Online
My financial hub for tracking income and expenses. Simplifies billing and ensures tax-related tasks are a breeze. A software choice recommended by my accountant.

4. Google Calendar
My lifeline for scheduling. From work commitments to family activities, Google Calendar keeps me organized. I even send invites to my kids and family to keep everyone on the same page.

5. Calendly
Scheduling made easy. Ideal for coordinating with clients, Calendly eliminates the back-and-forth when trying to find a suitable meeting time.

6. Zoom
The go-to platform for all client meetings. Integrated with Calendly, it streamlines the scheduling process and ensures a smooth virtual meeting experience.

7. Fathom
A recent discovery, Fathom is a note-taking app within Zoom. It transcribes calls and highlights key points, making it an invaluable tool for client interactions.

8. Notes App iPhone built in app
Integrated into my phone, this app synchronizes with my computer, allowing seamless note-taking and quick reminders, especially handy for communication with my kids.

9. Slack
An alternative to email, Slack streamlines communication with clients and teams. Its group chat feature and file-sharing capabilities keep things organized.

10. Loom
Perfect for teaching and explaining complex concepts to clients. Loom records videos, allowing me to visually communicate ideas more effectively than written messages.

11. Grammarly
A writing companion that checks grammar and sentence structure. Essential for maintaining a professional image when reviewing client copy.

12. Toggle Track
For tracking time on tasks, especially useful when working with clients outside of Upwork. Simple, straightforward, and free.

13. Kajabi
The central hub for my freelance business, hosting courses, podcasts, and client information. An all-in-one platform that keeps everything accessible and organized.

14. Voxer
An audio communication app, useful for client conversations where a personal touch is needed without sharing my phone number.

15. Google Authenticator


Enhancing security with two-step authentication. Ideal for managing multiple clients with different security protocols.

16. Phone Alarm iPhone built in app
A versatile tool for reminders throughout the day, ensuring I stay hydrated and take breaks when needed.

17. Audible
For continuous learning, Audible allows me to absorb content while on the go, a perfect companion during long work hours.

18. Small PDF
A handy website for PDF manipulation, offering features like extracting images, editing, and converting between formats.

19. NordPass
A secure password-sharing tool for clients. Simplifies access without compromising security.

20. Shift
A valuable tool for managing multiple email accounts. Streamlines email management and organization.

21. Google Drive
The backbone of my business, Google Drive keeps client folders organized, facilitates collaboration, and ensures seamless access to documents.

In conclusion, these tools collectively form the tech stack that propels my freelance business forward. Each serves a specific purpose, contributing to the efficiency and success of my endeavors. If you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to reach out. Here's to tech-savvy freelancing and increased productivity!

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