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5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Meet Your Goals

entrepreneurship growth mindset unleash your higher self Sep 08, 2021

Motivation is a fundamental factor in reaching your goals. When you start a new project, part of the joy and excitement is that great rush of energy. You have the goal that you want to achieve, you’re raring to go. And for the first days or weeks, everything’s going great.

But then you might have a setback – your new running or gym habit might be interrupted by an injury or the seasonal flu. Or your car breaks down and you have to dip into the money you were saving for your vacation. Maybe you’re not hitting those regular weekly or monthly goals you set yourself, and you can see your dream slipping away. How can you stay motivated when everyday life threatens to throw you off-course?

Motivation works best when it’s positive. If you want to do something and it feels good, you’re much more likely to keep doing it. Getting your motivation right from the start increases your momentum and propels you toward success.

Here are some proven ways to stay motivated and keep you on course.

  1. Start small
    Build up some motivational credit by starting with small, achievable goals. If you want to increase your fitness from couch potato to marathon runner, you might like to start with using the stairs instead of the elevator or take lunchtime or after-dinner walks.
  2. Notice and celebrate your progress
    Pat yourself on the back every time you turn up, whether it’s putting on your running shoes or getting on the yoga mat. Use a smartphone app to track your progress and build in milestone rewards. Have small things to aim for as well as your big goal.
  3. Focus on one big goal at a time
    If you try to take on too much at once, you’re bound to lose motivation! Trying to achieve too many things at once is overwhelming and exhausting.
  4. Get support
    You don’t need to do this alone. Get the support of positive friends, your partner, and your family, and surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. Having a buddy, a coach, or a mentor to share the journey will help keep you focused on meeting your goals.
  5. Think positive
    Use the power of your mind to visualize your success. How will it feel when you accomplish your goal? Imagine what success will look like, feel, and sound like, from the pride and joy of making it to the sound of the champagne corks and congratulations. Do this visualization regularly, write it down, and keep those positive messages in front of you.

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