Feeling Overwhelmed and Unproductive?

Find More Focus by Reducing the Clutter in Your Life and Mind.

Life is busy. Between working long hours, raising a family and other obligations, it's no wonder we feel stressed. Our minds are constantly filled with necessary and unnecessary information that has no end, or so it seems. 

The good news is, you can relieve yourself of all that unnecessary clutter that's clogging your life and mind. You can become more focused which automatically reduces stress in your life. 

If you're feeling unfocused and stressed, this $29 course can help you. 

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✔︎ A weekly guide to walk you through the week, for the next 4 weeks to help you slowly make changes in your life to gain more focus and less stress. 

✔︎ A checklist each week to help you remember what you're supposed to be working on.

✔︎ A workbook each week to help you plan how you'll implement what you learned in that weeks' lesson.

✔︎ Additional tips and strategies delivered over the upcoming months to help you continue living a more clutter-free lifestyle. 


"Decluttering my mind and my life now allows me to live a life of CALM! I am more productive and intentional with my time."

Jennifer Z.
Former Chaos Coordinator


Course Outline

Week 1 ●  How Clutter Affects Our Lives

You’ve seen the social media memes that suggest clutter is good because it’s a sign of creativity. For a few minutes, the memes make you smile and let you know that you aren’t the only person with a clutter problem. However, the truth is that clutter is not a sign of creativity or of productivity. It’s a sign of disorganization, procrastination, lack of control, and sometimes a lack of value or respect. Clutter can even cause problems you may not even be aware of.

Week 2 ● How to Stop Accumulating Clutter in Your Life and Mind 

Most people don’t set out in life to have too many physical possessions or to have a lot of clutter in their lives. They mostly start out like anyone else. They move into their place with the best of intentions, and then life just seems to fly by without any notice. Before you know it, you’re 38 and living in a clutter nightmare that is negatively affecting you and your family physically and mentally.

Week 3 ● Decluttering Your Home 

Decluttering your home, office, and vehicle will change your life in more ways than merely making it cleaner. You’ll feel healthier, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll be more productive. When you embark on a decluttering journey, you will discover so many beautiful things about yourself and your environment.

Week 4 ● Decluttering Your Mind

Just like your physical environment can be cluttered, so can your mind. Mind clutter often manifests itself as circular thoughts, inability to sleep, and even a failure to focus on the job at hand due to the problems elsewhere. To have a decluttered mind means to be able to focus on living the best life you want to live without being distracted by the minutia of life. If you're going to free your mind of clutter read on.


Come along with me on this 4-week journey to calm the clutter in your mind and in your life. You will begin to live a more focused and productive life.

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