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Making Behavior-Based Goals Work for You

The easiest way to demonstrate the incredible effectiveness of behavior-based goals work when used in tandem with outcome-based goals is to give you a short narrative of someone utilizing both. To that end, let’s say we have a man named Dan who owns his own business and wants to secure three or four new clients each month in order to increase his business revenue.

Up until recently, Dan has relied heavily on word-of-mouth for advertising, and he’s done okay. In order to step it up a notch, he realizes he’ll have to do things he’s not very comfortable doing – things like attending networking events and cold-calling on businesses. Doing things that he’s not used to doing will call into play his self-discipline.

Dan is also aware that he is going to need to do these things repeatedly and consistently in order to secure the new business that will grow his business. For Dan, the fear of keeping his business at the same level, year after year, is more painful than stretching his skills to do the things he needs to do to secure that business growth.

In this situation, business growth is the quantifiable outcome-based goal. Increasing self-discipline and consistency are two of Dan’s behavior-based goals.

The outcome-based goal is the end-all-be-all goal. It’s the prize possession, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But the habit-changing behavior-based goals are what will ensure Dan gets to the end of this particular rainbow (and beyond).

By strengthening his own self-discipline practice, and learning to do things over and over again in a more consistent manner, he can accomplish things like attending networking events and giving out handshakes and business cards. He’ll be able to sit down at his phone, and cold call businesses who likely need his services, and set up meetings with decision-makers.

By combining the outcome-based goal with a few behavior-based goals, Dan has a much greater chance of actually achieving all of these. In turn, he will have developed his positive habits and skillsets, and that will serve him not only for this particular goal but in many different areas of his life, for many different goals.

Hopefully, this short narrative will have shown you the beauty of combining these two valuable ‘goal-setting and achieving’ techniques. Utilizing them both, your chances of success are much greater than using one of them alone.


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