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How to Keep Your Gratitude Practice Going

When it comes to showing gratitude, it’s a win-win situation. Unfortunately, in our busy world, sometimes we forget to appreciate all the amazing gifts we receive. Here are a few things you can do to cultivate gratitude and keep the practice going.

Don’t Skimp On The Compliments

While it is undisputed that the receiver of praise enjoys feeling noticed, appreciated, and motivated to do more, the giver also partakes in the feeling. For every compliment given you build a bond, you construct trust and encourage new connections.

  • Be genuine. False compliments are easy to detect, even when clothed with layers of smiles. Once it is perceived, the purpose is defeated.
  • Receive every compliment given to you graciously, never brush it off.
  • Be specific with compliments.
  • AVOID giving backhand compliments. Like saying, ‘for a boy, you’re quite good at babysitting.’ And don’t be frugal with praise. Let people know you appreciate them.

Get a Journal

A gratitude journal aids and also hastens your practice. According to studies, writing down a list of positive events that occur during the day helps reduce stress levels. It also helps you sleep better and feel calmer.

Maintaining a journal might seem a hassle at first, but the benefits far outweigh perceived time commitments.

  • Recall incidences that were positive. Things and people that you're grateful for should be written down. Enjoy the experience of feeling the sense of wellness that accompanies gratitude.
  • Write down little acts of goodwill shown by family, coworkers, and even strangers. A good time to do this is right before bed. Keep your journal by your bedside to remind you to journal each night.

Little Extras

Although no special equipment is needed to keep your practice of gratitude going as the real work lies in your heart and head, there are a handful of apps and websites that will help you in this noble quest.

Gratitude revealed: Louie Schwartzberg journeys into the science, mystery and building blocks of gratitude. In 16 short films, Schwartzberg shows us not only what these look like, but how they can be expressed in our lives every day.

The Gratitude Jar: This website lets you share the things you’re grateful for with the world and view personal gratitude statements from others. This website lets you share the things you’re grateful for with the world and view personal gratitude statements from others.

Gratitude journal app: Just like the paper journal, this app enables you to write at least five things you’re grateful for daily. Plus you can add photos and rate the day. Available for both Android and iOS.



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