Easy Exercises to Improve Self-Awareness and Happiness

entrepreneurship growth mindset unleash your higher self Aug 26, 2020

Self-awareness exercises can help us to become conscious of our primitive and self-destructive thoughts, beliefs, ideas, assumptions, and choices. When we are self-aware, we become more peaceful, loving, and intelligent beings. Not only do we stop suffering, but the people in our lives stop reacting to our self-imposed misery. Instead, they find more peace also.

Listed below are a few of the self-awareness exercises and activities, as well as tips to cultivate your gratitude practice.

Journal about what you are grateful for

Writing down a few things you are grateful for is probably the easiest and most popular gratitude exercise available.

The purpose of the exercise is to remember 3-5 things you were particularly grateful for when you look back on your day. In this way, you are completely focused on all the good things that happened to you, rather than the negative or the issues that caused you stress. When we practice gratitude, we are more at ease and expect more good things to happen in our lives.

Define your values

Your values are the core principles that define who you are and how you want to live. By defining them, you create personal guidelines for all of your decisions and actions. Without knowing your values, you live in reactive mode, allowing life circumstances and other people to define you.

Align with your integrity

Your values help you define your integrity — what you believe to be right and wrong, good and bad. When you’re living out of alignment with your integrity, you are living in-authentically and subjecting yourself to feelings of guilt, confusion, fear, and remorse.

Embrace your skills and talents

When you identify and improve upon your natural aptitudes and talents, you empower yourself and create opportunities for professional success and personal happiness. Recognizing your skills also improves your self-confidence and sense of personal fulfillment.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Self-aware individuals know their strengths and weaknesses and can work from that space. Being mindful of this means that you know when to reach out for assistance, and when you are good on your own.

Spread gratitude

When you are self-aware, it’s easier to notice all the little things you appreciate in life. Once that deep appreciation becomes a way of life, you will naturally begin to spread the joy you feel to others. Give compliments. Offer sincere thanks for simple kindness. Practice simple kindnesses. With self-awareness, you recognize that all good things are available for everyone. You wish everyone those lovely things and experiences, which is the real definition of spreading gratitude.


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