Hi! I’m Leah - mom, entrepreneur, strategist, freelancer, and author.

As a kid, I “owned and operated” so many imaginary businesses that I actually lost count, but those creative pursuits led me down a [long, bumpy, sometimes tiresome, but now really amazing] road of realizing my lifelong dream. My favorite business that I “managed” was my travel agency. I would help my imaginary clients book their dream vacations to see the world. Little did I know that those pretend adventures would be the inspiration for me to live the laptop lifestyle and see the world with my family on my own time and terms.

I wish I could say I grew up and immediately set off on the right foot in realizing my dream life, but I have undoubtedly hit my fair share of roadblocks. At one point, I looked around and felt like I was on a hamster wheel of chaos: working long hours to make a living, raising a family, bad relationships, personal failures, financial distress, and spending downtime perusing travel websites longing for the day that I could take a vacation. I finally decided I couldn’t maintain that level of stress and expectation for myself anymore. Once I came to that conclusion, I realized I had been keeping my focus on all the wrong things. So, instead of getting more of what I wanted, I was getting more of what I didn’t want.

What did I want? 

More happiness and more productivity. 


How did I get it?

I realized that my mindset needed to shift.

I slowly began to transform my life and set a goal to focus on and achieve my dreams.

If I wanted more happiness and productivity, I knew I had to take charge of my own work schedule. I started working as a freelancer on Upwork in 2018. Knowing that my strength was website development and that my passion for Kajabi (a “business in a box” as I like to call it!) could help business owners grow and scale their businesses, I began marketing myself. To date, I have made over $300,000 on Upwork and completed over 5,200 hours of work. 

My passion is now partnering with small business owners to build lasting relationships that allow us to work together through designing strategies, mapping future success, overseeing short-term and long-term projects, and utilizing resources and technology to make an impact within their organizations. This passion is what has helped me achieve my dream. 

Each day, I give my ALL in my business and my family.

Each night when I lay my head on my pillow, I have a new satisfaction. And that, my friend, is the most incredible feeling ever! 

I left behind the chaos, the guilt, the fear, the impulsive decisions, and self-doubt and am now seeing each and every day as an adventure ready for my family and me to go on. Thanks to taking charge of my own work lifestyle, I now live the laptop lifestyle with excitement and gratitude.

Take a look around at the book, programs, and experiences that I created with YOU in mind.

 Your GREATEST success is ahead of you.